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Yellowstone: The Pre-Adventure

Entry 01:

Nick and I have taken jobs at Yellowstone National Park for the summer 2011.  We are hoping to have some time to write new songs, see some animals, go fishing, etc. but so far I haven’t had a single day to do any of that stuff… I’m just now getting around to posting in the blog-

It is hard to leave a place as awesome as San Marcos even to go to a legendary place like Yellowstone, but sometimes you’ve gotta vacate just to make room in the old noggin…  Before we left we had a bunch of stuff to take care of…  One thing that we were lucky enough to squeeze in was a recording session with our good friend and fellow San Marcian, Ben Worley-


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It was a blast and I cant wait to hear the tracks.  If you haven’t heard Ben’s stuff than you really should when you get the chance.  He is one hell of a song writer.  And a hell of a performer to boot….

We also had a last CCB show at Tantra Coffeehouse and a Lochman Bro’s Send Off Party the following weekend (also at Tantra Coffeehouse). It was one of the most amazing nights I’ve ever had…  Whistle and Fish played and there was a mustache cake made by our good friends (also fellow San Marcians) Becky and Sara.


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 Oh and a first for both the Crystal Creek Boys and for Tantra:  Cody Proposed on stage!  Crazy!

It was a great night.  Followed by another great day during which I (Matt) got to put a couple banjo tracks down on Whistle and Fish’s new record- Can’t wait to hear that Album as well!

As if our last weekend wasn’t busy enough, we were privileged to attend a songwriting workshop by Kevin Welch.  A great way to oil up the old inspiration machine before taking it 1600 miles into the wilderness.  It was such a great time, and we met some awesome folks to boot.


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 Kevin really helped to jump start what I hope is a creatively productive summer. Thanks man!

Oh yeah AND I had to get a root canal the day before we left 🙁 


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We said goodbye to all our favorite people- and for our last night in Texas we invited all of our favorite songwriters over to watch a documentary about the late great Blaze Foley which was loaned to us by our friend Gigi.


We just got internet hooked up here in Yellowstone and its pretty slow but I will try to catch up with all these posts…. Next up- Driving to Yellowstone.





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  1. Mary VZ says:

    I have that same signed Ramblin’ Jack poster in my bedroom… old friend of my parents’…

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