Crystal Creek Boys

Playing Hill Country Music since 2008.

SXSW 2011

We’re not from Austin but when SXSW is on you can catch us up there in what 5 consider San Marcos’ weirdest suburb (Austin, that is).  Our bands best friend, The Lonesome Heroes invited us to come jam out at a showcase they were hosting in the newly opened Skinny’s Ballroom (next door to the Mongolian Barbecue).  The ballroom is really nice, and clean- they have decently priced beer for being in an overpriced town like Austin (but hey- not everywhere can be as cool as San Marcos!)  The stage has some really good sound thanks to the good staff and appropriately sized PA system.  All in all it was a great time..  Looking forward to a three day long stint with the Lonesome Heroes and a mystery band from the mountains of Wyoming that go by the name Rat Trapper…  Oh the fun to come!

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