Crystal Creek Boys

Playing Hill Country Music since 2008.


Here’s what they’re sayin’…


“As you can see, there is plenty of good music at all venues,

but the standout gig, to us anyway, is the Crystal Creek Boys with Fish Fry Bingo
at the Gray Horse tonight. Well, it is if you want to have a foot-stompin’, singin’,
dancin’ regular old hoe-down of a time." -HAP MANSFIELD Scene Editor, link


The Crystal Creek Boys, who will appear at the Gray Horse Saloon on Thursday

with Austin’s Shotgun Party, are really ambassadors of goodwill for San Marcos.
They  love the city and the Hill Country even more than they love their whiskey,
and that’s saying something.  It all started on Lisa Lane. Band founder Matt Lochman
explains, “The band was started by my brother Nick and I.  When we were growing up in
San Marcos, we used to dig for quartz crystals in a recharge ditch across the street
from our house on Lisa Lane.  We called the ditch ‘Crystal Creek.’  We would mine the
crystals and take them around the neighborhood in our Radio Flyer, and sell them for
a dime so we could buy candy at what was then Geese (currently Sunny’s.)”
-HAP MANSFIELD Scene Editor, San Marcos Local News link


"The Crystal Creek Boys, one of San Marcos' most popular bands" -By