Crystal Creek Boys

Playing Hill Country Music since 2008.

I35 and Guadalupe St., San Marcos, TX

Today my brother Nick and I made a last ditch effort at 6:45 to cruise the pawn shops in San Marcos for a PA system so that when the need arrives we can amplify our bluegrasses The pawn shops close at 7 but we managed to make it to one which had a PA head that was a bit over priced and under powered so we tried our luck at going across town to check another shop. On the way we were stopped at the corner of I35 and Guadelupe St. On which a lanky busier in soccer shorts was Idling a unicycle and playing the fiddle…. Behind his back. We were stopped at the light directly next to him. There was an awkward silence as my brother and I processed what was happening. If you’re aren’t familiar with San Marcos, TX than just know- there is a lot to learn but for the purpose of this story I will tell you that this is the birthplace of Unicycle Football and there are more unicyclers per capita than most anywhere in the world. And we know them all because Nick plays on the berzerkers. So we’re sitting at this light thinking probably the same thought as we often do and we start to laugh. I say, “I wonder where this guy comes from- or where he’s trying to go?”. And nick says “he’s found home either way.”. The light turns and we pull forward saying we should turn around and ask the dude if he wants to jam sometime, or where he’s headed… Anyway, turns out he’s originally from here (of course) and he’s just returned from med school in Houston. There’s room for another crystal creek boy methinks… 🙂


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