Crystal Creek Boys

Playing Hill Country Music since 2008.


The Crystal Creek Boys play Hill Country Music, of the sort that we invented, and some songs by other people that we just love a whole bunch.  We play in venues around central Texas, but other points of pride include playing children’s birthday parties, old folks homes, the greenbelt alliance and women’s shelter auctions (we also auction off a performance every year), a church retreat, Unicycle Football Stuporbowl, an all women’s toy party, off the record shows at the San Marcos River, several fish fries, countless parties, after-parties and after-after parties (one of our favorite forms of practice…), a private show for 20 Germans, a secret show in a cactus patch in Prospect Park, The Oaks in Manor, TX (RIP), oh… and Carnegie Hall… it was alright, but we think Fischer Hall will be better.

We like to sing about where we’re from, and what we do, and sometimes  who done broke our heart, but that’s usually only if the mood is right, and the whiskey is flowing…  Speaking of whiskey, we take a great deal of pride in charging one bottle of whiskey to play private parties, though we have discussed upping our rate to two bottles when we hit the big time.  Here is a running list of our esteemed membership:

  • Matt Lochman (Banjo),
  • Nick Lochman (Guitar),
  • Mike Lochman (Jingle Pants- 1 of 3),
  • Elegant John (Lap Steel)
  • Johnny Awesome (uke)
  • Nick Wicker(mandolin)
  • Danny Smith (Gut Bucket)
  • Aaron Covington (Doghouse Bass)
  • Vincent Saucedo (Stand-up)
  • Jason Spencer (Bass Canoe)
  • Mike McKee (Bass Violin)
  • Justin Johnson (Guitar)
  • Mary Waters (Fiddle)
  • Dean Soblik (Harmonica, Spoons, Jaw Harp)
  • Austin Reeves (Washboard)
  • Ian Lee (Guitar/Fiddle/Mandolin)
  • Carl Deal (Washboard)